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HSL 119
Date of Birth: 2009
Sire: Troubador
Dam: Top Notch
Flushed to: "20" - High Hill

119 has truly proven herself over the past few years. The most notable of her offspring is Eskimo Joe.  Much of EJ’s extreme width, soundness, and shape comes from 119! Hobb’s have 3 daughters in production, one of which, the popular donor, TREE TRUNK, a division winner at the Iowa State fair. Tree Trunk has been in their donor pen for 3 years now. 119 is the mother of “Lucky Strike” owned in partnership with Hild Bros and Gourley. They only sold 2 ewe lambs out of 119, one brought 1600 in Richmond a couple years back and the second was one of her General twins from last year who was selected by Barrett Carlise. She has a full sib to those twins coming in early January, They purchased this ewe from Dropperts, as ewe lamb, to make an impact for them and now she can make an impact for all of us here at Anderson/Brix!

Anderson-Brix Donor
Anderson-Brix Donor
Forsee E08-159
Forsee 05-090 x Forsee E2-078

Flushed to Down Maker - Northern Starr

This one is the dam of “167” (owned by us now)  used by Forsee and Mike Jonas, along with “The Deacon” used by Gale Cole and now owned by Bechman's, IN and another ram at work for Brinker's, IN.   This girl is a true STUD in the Southdown breeding program and has made a name for herself in the industry. 

Dorset Donor Ewe
Flushed to Casino

Purchased from Clair Club Lambs
This ewe was the top selling ewe on their bred ewe sale bringing $5,550.
She raised a $4,000 ewe lamb last year on their Powder Queens Sale.







Anderson-Brix Show Lambs
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